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AI Chatbot Nova is the best AI-powered chatbot for Android phones on the Google Play Store. It is easy to install. Just ask for your email ID and the password to get started. For added convenience, Nova has a built-in AI store to browse hundreds of interesting and advanced AI chatbots for business.

With this smartest chatbot, you have the freedom to select from a number of standard as well as most advanced features of ChatGPT 3.5, ChatGPT 4, Google PaLM2, Image Generator, Vision, and PDF. What is more interesting is that Nova has a preset of AI-based conversational chatbots specified for special characters. With these features, you can chat with an AI doctor, writer, astrologer, celebrities, and many more to get desired responses.

Where there is a blessing, it comes with a cost. Nova is one of the most expensive chatbots available on the Play Store. It is free to download with a short trial period of 3-days and three credits only. One credit is equal to one prompt or message. The chatbot pricing period has been divided into 1-week, 1-month, and 1-year subscriptions. The main packages range from $5 per week to $41 per year.


  • Support the latest AI algorithms
  • Specified AI role-play assistance
  • Text to image
  • Uploading documents


  • Very expensive
  • Free messages only 3
  • Slow mobile app

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