All About Vape Coils or Atomizers

An Atomizer is just a device that converts e-liquid into vapor form. It's being related to vape industry these days because of their extensive use in vape devices. It's more or less a resistance coil that is heated up to produce mist. They come in variety of shapes, sizes and usability. Some are disposable whereas some can be rebuilt and be used again. Atomizers/coils are containers that have metal wires in them, and the resistance of wires is calculated in Ohms.
Atomizers are usually divided into 4 categories:
1. Coil Head:Coil heads are usually use and throw. They are factory built, with the cotton and coils inside a small cylinder or a metal device. These need to be wicked properly and usually last up-to 7 days, depending totally on the vaping habits. The Prebuilt / Coil Head atomizers come in a lot of range of resistance. There are a lot of advantages of using pre built coils, as they are no hassle, plug and play, and very easy to use. However, if you are someone who keeps on switching the flavors, then it won't be very advisable, as they need to be replaced every time you change flavors.
2. RDA:If you are totally into building coils yourself, love experimenting, switch a lot of flavors, then this is the device for you. Very easy to use, only a little practice is needed to know how to build coils. They are excellent for intense flavor, or max clouds. Totally your own wish as to what you want to do.
Biggest Con, you need to carry the bottles of E-Liquid with you everywhere. They need a lot of liquid and you need to keep wicking them at all times.
3. RTA:These are "Rebuild able Tank Atomizers". Biggest difference between them and RDA is that these have tanks that are capable of storing liquid. Rest these are same as RDA. You can build and customize your own coils, get intense flavor, get intense clouds, get anything and everything that you want out of your device.
4. RBA:RBA, Rebuild able Atomizers. They mean a device that can be rebuilt. We get this option on a lot of tanks where in they are shipped with pre-built coils and an RBA section.
Atomizers are nothing else but a device that helps us to get the flavor out of e-liquids and the vapor. Coilsare the heating element inside the atomizers. There's a lot of technical difference between the two, but we in the vaping world usually consider them the same. There's a lot to be learnt in terms of resistance and the wattage, and the batter consumption, which we will cover in our later section. For now, we wish you happy vaping.
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