5 Points To Consider When Choosing Bobtail Insurance

If you drive as an independent truck driver or under someone's authority with or without hauling a trailer, then you know the risks associated with them. That is why there is an insurance policy for any circumstance. However, while bobtailing (driving a vehicle without a trailer), there are a lot of elements to consider before embarking on your bobtail insurance voyage.
So, let's get started.

What Does Bobtail Insurance Cover?

There are different coverages for different scenarios. For example, there is primary liability coverage for any losses that occur to third-party, physical damage for any loss to your truck, and worker's compensation for employers. Similarly, there is bobtail insurance that protects you against human injuries and property damage while you are not carrying your truck or using your truck for personal duties.
Bobtail insurance provides coverage in the following scenario:

  • When you're on your route to pick up a new cargo.
  • Between dropping off one cargo and picking up another
  • After your final drop-off, you're on your way home.

Must-Follow Tips While Buying Bobtail Insurance

Know your requirements

Before you take a step out on the quest of choosing the finest bobtail insurance for you, you need to first grasp the needs when you need it and how much you need it. So, if you move unloaded equipment on a daily basis or work under someone's trucking authority and often drive an empty trailer, you must obtain this insurance. Now, the next question is cost. So, once you've determined your company's requirements, look at your driver's track record, how long you bobtail on a daily basis, your claim history, and how much your budget enables you to have. Once you have the answers to all of these questions, you can begin looking for bobtail insurance for your trucking company.
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