Porter Finance Mobile Version

Up until a few years ago, desktop computers and laptops were considered a necessity and the pinnacle of technological advancement. The internet broke down physical barriers and gave new meaning to accessibility. Fast and smooth connectivity enabled people to communicate from remote corners of the world, facilitating business deals, education, politics.
The impact on every sphere of the human life was paramount.

Today, however, we are one step ahead. We no longer find computers and large screens a necessity. All our activities are confined to the compact screen of our mobile phones, from buying food to learning new things to entertainment. Everything we need is within our reach, literally, regardless of where we are.

In the fast-paced trading world, such a utility had the potential to bring about some major transformation, and so it did. Traders and businessmen can carry out their activities on the go, without losing time or resources. Virtual binary options brokers allowed millions of traders worldwide to trade and earn just by the click of a button.

However, to keep up with the rest of the world and stay at the top, binary options brokers have to provide mobile accessibility for their services.
As one of the most popular and trusted online trading brokers, Porter Finance offers a user-friendly mobile website and application in addition to their highly functional website.

And what about Porter Finance Mobile Version

The mobile version of the website, which can be accessible on Smartphones and tablets, is a full-fledged trading platform including on-the-go trading capabilities and tools for analysis.
The application follows suit, with availability on both Android and iOS app stores alike. There are no additional downloads and installations involved in both cases. The mobile version offers all features and perks allowed by the web version.

The readily-accessible mobile version is ideal for the short-term trading strategies like high-low and hyper binary options trading. As traders have their accounts on their handsets, they can continuously monitor asset statuses and expiration times, and ‘call’ or ‘put’ accordingly.

The mobile version plays a very important role in hyper trading, especially. As expiration timing lasts for just a minute, hyper trading is exceptionally fast-paced. Mobile devices allow traders to actively participate and stay at par with the pace of such trades.


They can keep track of the slightest fluctuations on the asset price and make appropriate decisions.
Yet another option made popular by the mobile platform is the one-touch trading tool.

Traders opting for this strategy are faced by the uncertainty of how long the asset price stays the same or goes beyond the strike price. The mobile one-touch feature allows traders to keep track of the pre-determined strike price of assets, make decisions and constantly follow trends in the asset price.

Porter Finance’s unique social trading feature is also enhanced by its mobile version. Beginners and experienced traders who wish to share their trading experiences and learn from or keep track of activities of their fellow traders can now do so easily using their mobile devices.

Read more about the binary betting here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_betting.

Copy Buffett Software Trading Platform

copy buffettt

If you are looking for a trading software, Copy Buffett Trading Software can be an excellent choice. It comes with a free 30-day trial period which is an excellent way to know if the software actually is, what it promises to be.
While there are some reports on the internet that suggest that Copy Buffett Software Trading Platform is a scam, this is completely untrue. This trading platform is not just legit, but actually an excellent trading platform. Continue reading this review to know more about this trading platform.

Copy Buffett Software Trading Platform, What is it?

While there are many different types of binary option trading platforms available in the market, Copy Buffett is unique. If you are looking for a binary option trading platform, you might already know about the world-famous billionaire investor Warren Buffett. So, what this platform does is, it follows the investment tactics of Warren Buffett to help you make money in trading.
Jeremy Fin, owner of Copy Buffett is very much honest with this software has himself revealed how this software works and has also suggested that this software will NOT make you a billionaire, like Warren Buffett. Let us try to have a detailed look at its features to know how it works.

Automatic Trades

The main feature of this software is its ability to trade automatically. The software comes with a promise that it can execute between 400-500 trades automatically in a 24-hours period. While it is a little difficult to believe, when we checked the software, it actually did around 400-500 trades all by itself in 5 days period. And the best thing is that most of the trades were profitable. While some days were very good and others not so good, even on a bad day, we were able to make a considerable amount of profits. So, if anyone says that Copy Buffett Trading Software is a Scam, now you know that it isn’t.

30- Day Trial Period

If you are not sure whether the software is good or not, you can take its 30-day trial for free. 95% the profits that you make during these 30 days will be yours and the brokers of Copy Buffett Platform will keep 5%. Even when you will have a fully functional account with them, they will take 5% from each of your winning trades.
While this might sound like too much, but owing to the impressive success rate of this software, 5% is not a big cut at all. You might have heard the saying that good things never come for free, this Copy Buffet Software is that good thing that will require you to pay 5% from each of your winning trade.

24 x 7 Customer Service


While most of the trading platforms promise that they do offer 24 x 7 customer service, majority of them are false promises. However, the customer service department of Copy Buffett Platform is among the few that actually is available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can have a live chat or call their customer service department anytime and any day of the week and they will be glad to help you out with your query.
If you want to know more about this amazing trading platform, you can learn more about the same, here.

Binary Option Robot Mobile Version


Binary options trading with your smart phone

The binary options robot is automated trading software used by the traders for binary options trading. Traders can use the binary signals generated by trading experts for free using this binary trading software. These professional traders have an expertise of more than 10 years and have an extremely high rate of winning. The binary options robot offers a 100% automated trading. You can find more information about the binary options robot on the website.
The binary options robot is guaranteed fully automated trading software where the robots perform the trading when the preferences are set by the traders. The main benefit of using the robot is that the trades can be monitored and managed at any time by the traders. A highly developed system of trading is incorporated in the binary options robot which executes the trades using real signal providers.

Compatibility of binary options robots with Smart phones

The binary options robot is now easily accessible on the mobile phones as the traders are busy with another day to day activities and tasks. They are compatible on smart phones like iPhone, android phones, tablets and also laptops.

The traders can have a complete control over their investments as they can manage their trade easily from anywhere at any time using their mobile phones. The binary options robot software runs from the cloud server and hence is not necessary to be downloaded on the devices of the traders.


The traders are aware that binary options robots are 100% automatic trading software and hence they don’t need to have the internet always to auto trade their investments. The trader can use the internet only when he wants to manage his trading preferences and check the trading history.

Provide the best trading experience

The major goal of binary options robot is to provide the traders with the best experience in trading. The trader is guaranteed with higher profits and more winning rates by using binary options robots which provide the best binary signals. Well, known trading brokers around the world are traded with the binary option robot.

Register and use the robot for free

The traders can use the binary option robot for free and it is easy to register on the site. Financial strategies and methods that are profitable are used by this auto trading software and hence the reason why robots are making higher earnings in trading. A lot of traders including the beginners who have no good experience in binary options trading are using the binary options robot to trade successfully.

Try binary options robot VIP account

To experience more amazing features in trading the traders can also try the VIP account in binary options robot. The traders are more satisfied using the extra features that a VIP account provides. Also, the VIP account can be used for absolutely free of costs and the account can be accessed by the traders if the deposit is made through the binary option robot.
You can read more about it here.

Banc de Binary Strategy


Banc de Binary is a bank started in Syria in the year 2009 in the aftermath of the US recession helping people gets their bearing and get back up on their feet. It helped its customers with trading, foreign exchange deals and a wide array of other customer-friendly services.

What helped them get to where they are?

Your personal opinion might dictate that Banc de binary has barely been in the game, having started less than 10 years ago, as opposed to other well-known banks that have been around much longer. You don’t have to fear, they know what they are doing. One of the few things that put them ahead is other than knowing what they are doing, they know where they are heading, both of

Which are very important in this field.

How can they help us?
They have a blog that is more than happy to impart the wisdom that they spent a lot of time gathering to all their customers, hoping that they would make wise and beneficial investments in the long run. Banc de Binary even has a support line so you can keep in touch with them, and they would be happy to help you with your investments and give you insight if you need it.

Can you share something with us today?

Of course, we have added a few tips below
If you are playing the game by trading in binaries
There has to be a strategy when you are binary trading, nothing is hap hazard or random
Fundamental analysis is the trading game played by people who love their number, if you are all about the math, this would be the scene for you

If you are a technical person, one who is well versed with technology, software’s and going over charts before coming to a decision, this is the trading field for you.
For starters, you have to remember that nothing comes easy and you would have to put in a lot of hard work whether you are into numbers or the tech aspect
If you trade in specific commodities that happen to be popular at the time, this is called scale trading. People in the business call this a ‘can’t lose’ strategy but that is far from the truth and would only depend on how good you are as a trader.

Few things to remember when trading in commodities

Gather as much information as you can before taking the gamble
You would receive better results on items that are actually physical like oil
Try to buy commodities and not sell them, if the commodity you have invested in loses value there will be a shorter supply and eventually it will even out.
Most of these strategies are long term and would not be very successful if used in the short term and sold out. You can read more about it here .

The story of traders who have made it big is that they have a successful mindset when they begin and they come out triumphant. If you want to be in their leagues, you can, just make sure you follow the tips mentioned above.